10 Ways To Rediscover Your Love For Your Job

Boredom sets in when there is constant repetition, especially in the workplace.

Boredom sets in when there is constant repetition, especially in the workplace.

It’s never easy finding the perfect job, that’s if it exists. You might easily defend yourself and blame it on working conditions in Naija. What makes you 100% sure your counterparts in foreign countries don’t go through the same ordeal?

The struggle is so real. Yet do we just up and quit? Here are 10 ways to help you revamp work.

1. Redesign Your Office
If you’re fortunate enough to have an entire office to yourself, move things around. Change your table position. And if you have an open window with a great view, now might be the best time to position your table facing that way.

2. Take On New Responsibilities
Switch up things a bit and ask for more fun related responsibilities. Or on your free time, learn an aspect of your company’s business you’re not familiar with. No knowledge is wasted.

3. Build Relationships
Sometimes talking to a senior colleague in the office helps. You never can tell what piece of advice that may help.

4. Be Inventive & Innovative
Sometimes the secret to your boredom resides within your brain. Now’s the time to invent something. Find a way of getting your job done easier.

5. Reignite Your Passion
Why did you sign up for the job? Find ways to reconnect with your passion for your job.

6. Values & Passion
Both work hand in hand earning you respect and commitment from your subordinates and team.

7. Take A Break
We all need some time out when our engines are low. Take a trip. Leave your regular zone. Possibly visit another country. If you can’t afford it, at least you’ve got relatives in another state.

8. Power Of Positive Thinking
Being optimistic generally, helps. It can’t be that bad. The world hasn’t ended.

9. Start A Business
Perhaps you’ve tried everything and your mind’s made up. Take up a huge challenge and start your business. It might not be easy but if it’s yours that’s enough motivation to get you up in the morning ready to make things happen.

10. Try Options 1 – 10
If you’ve done it all and you’re still bored then you need serious laying of hands.

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