4 ways to move your website from "BORING" to "MOST VISITED"

There are so many reasons why people will leave your website or social media page in 10 seconds.

Let's take a pick on sales website: It is important to design your website in a way where user frustration is kept to a minimum,  thereby maximizing customer retention.

Say No to websites with:

1. Bad Content structure:
It is estimated that as many as 50% of sales are lost in Nigerian online market because potential customers can't find what they are looking for.

2. Bad Navigation:
Complex or inconsistent navigation can cause users to feel helpless,  confused or angry.

3. Too many Ads:
Suffocating your visitors with ads that pop, flash, and fill the entire browser.

4. Boring content, Boring Design:
A dull website that has no purpose or interactivity will never create a memorable experience for a customer.

From our checklist, there are so many other factors you should SAY NO to, examples are -  Lack of frequency,  Poor Legibility,  Obstructive use of Audio and Video,  etc.

All these depends on the purpose of your website.

(Source: Intercore Solutions)

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