South Africa: Satan sends serpent, woman to kill popular pastor during prayers

People took to their heels in the church during a prayer session as a snake crept out of a possessed woman’s bag.

It was shock and panic as believers attending a prayer conference in Gauteng were forced to take to their heels after a snake reportedly emerged from a woman’s handbag during prayers and went straight for Pastor Mboro.

According to witnesses, Pastor Mboro was conducting prayers on Saturday afternoon when he identified a smartly dressed woman as a devil’s agent before asking the ushers to bring the lady to the podium.

While he was rebuking demons, the snake allegedly came out of the handbag leaving over 1500 faithful scampering for safety.

The black snake with white spots started moving on the pulpit before churchmen killed and burnt it with petrol.

ecounting the ordeal, Pastor Mboro stated that he was shocked that the Devil wanted him dead.

“When we tried to kill the snake, it started transforming into many creatures. At one moment it looked like a caterpillar, then it swelled up to take the shape of a butterfly. It is sad that people are still practising witchcraft in this day and age,” Pastor mboro was quoted by Livemonitor.

According to another pastor present at the occasion, the woman revealed that she had been sent by The Devil to kill Mboro.

“Upon interrogation, the woman said she was sent to kill the Pastor and the snake usually leads her. It was alive and started moving up the pulpit. It was wrapped in a round thing that had blood,” he added.
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