Things most people do not know about Donald Trump

Business mogul, Donald Trump, has just been elected the 45th president of the United States of America. How much do you know about the Republican who just upset Hillary Clinton in the presidential election?

1) Never held any government office. Trump has become the first candidate to be elected US president with no previous political experience. He has never sat in any government office in his life.

2) First president-elect with disdain for political correctness. Trump is known for his blunt speeches. He always says his mind without any filter, even when it hurts women, Hispanics, blacks, Muslims and just about everyone else. For a politician, this is a rare “positive”.

3) Never served in the military. Trump has never been enlisted nor has he served in the US military. He joins 12 others: Adams, John Quincy Adams, Van Buren, Cleveland, Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, FDR, Clinton and Obama.

4) Oldest person to be elected president. At 70, he has officially become the oldest man to be elected US president. He has taken the record from Ronald Reagan who was only 69 when he took office.

5) Germaphobic: It is said that Trump does not like shaking hands. In a situation where he has no choice, he has a technique of pulling the person towards his body without touching skin.

6) ‘Worst acting’ award: Trump won a Razzie award for his role in the 1989 film ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’. For those that don’t know, the Razzie awards are like the Oscars for horrible movies.

7) Has his own board game: The monopoly-like game is unsurprisingly titled ‘Trump The Game’. It was discontinued soon after due to the poor reception.

6) Born to legal migrants: Trump’s grandparents were emigrants from Germany. His father, Fred Trump, was born in New York city. Although his grandparents were born in Germany. His grandfather, Fredrick Trump, said the family was of Swedish origin.

7) Authored over 50 books: His first book titled ‘Trump – Art of the Deal’ was published in 1987. Trump claims it is the number one best-selling business book of all time.

8) Once owned a vodka brand: In 2007, Trump launched his own vodka brand which quickly flopped. “It’s never sold. But now that he’s running for president we thought we have a chance to get rid of the vodka… but [still] no one wants to pay for it,” said Munchies, Aleks Zilcovs, the US’ largest vodka distributor.
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