10 Top Unusual Christmas Traditions in the World

Here are 10 different unusual Christmas traditions from around the world.

Here are 10 different unusual Christmas traditions from around the world.

1. Czech Republic: Want to know if you’ll be married soon? Throw a shoe over your shoulder on Christmas Day – if the toe points towards the door, then you may be getting married in no time. (according to superstition).

2. Philippines: A popular Christmas decoration is the paról – typically a bamboo pole or frame built with a star lantern on the top. Designed to represent the star that guided the Wise Men, it’s usually made from bamboo or paper.

3. Nigeria: Nigerians deviate. Why have just turkey for Christmas when you can have pounded yam, fried rice, jollof and more? In Nigeria, a traditional xmas meal can also be mutton, ram or even goat.

4. Norway: According to an old Norwegian tradition witches come out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on. So make sure you hide your broom somewhere safe.

5. Venezuela: The streets of Caracas are usually closed off until 8am due to traffic, this means people’s only mode of transport is roller skating. If you can't skate, you can't go.

6. Montenegro: People tend to eat a special kind of round-shaped bread known as cesnica, with each member of the family getting a piece in xmas. Whoever finds the coin hidden in the middle is supposed to have luck over the coming year!

7. Ghana: While it’s a common Christmas tradition to trim a tree inside the family home, Ghanaians will also decorate ones outside – with many found in church grounds and courtyards.

8. Japan: Although Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, it doesn’t stop the Japanese from celebrating it with some fried chicken. KFC ran the first Christmas campaign in Japan back in 1974, and since then, it has become something of a Christmas tradition.

9. Ukraine: You’re not allowed to tuck into your Christmas meal in Kiev until the first star is seen in the sky (with the star representing the Wise Men on their journey to find baby Jesus).

10. Australia: It may be a white Christmas for the rest of the world but in Australia, December falls in the middle of summer, with barbecues on the beach popular on Boxing Day.
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