Female Fan Grabs R Kelly's Manhood Live On Stage [Video]

US Sensational Singer, Robert Kelly got up close and personal with a fan during a performance on Friday night – as she fondled his manhood in mid-performance.

The 49-year-old star bent down to his adoring fans during the show, serenading a girl as he hands her a towel and sings for her to wipe his face.

The amorous admirer was only too willing to obliging her idol, and wiped his face before taking the opportunity to give his chest a wipe down as well.

Clearly undeterred, the lady turned to the rest of the crowd with a huge grin on her face as she moved closer to the Ignition singer's crotch as he stood up.

The star then shockingly starts gyrating in the woman's face - before yelling as part of the song: "Now grab it!"

The overeager fan looks all too happy to give him a rubdown when requested

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