How To Stay Motivated In 2017

Sometimes, we feel like we can’t keep going and just give up before reaching our goal. We might hit a road block, start to question whethe...

Sometimes, we feel like we can’t keep going and just give up before reaching our goal. We might hit a road block, start to question whether it’s worth it in the first place, or maybe we stop because our goal can’t be reached like “someone like me”.

Most of the time, people do not believe or do not want to believe that they can overcome the obstacles that keep them from accomplishing their goals. These obstacles keep us from being successful.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, you probably gave up on the task and thought it was okay. Well, it’s not. It’s much easier to find a reason to quit instead of pushing past it. Don’t let giving up become a habit. There are a plenty of methods that will help you to continue and reach your goals; here are six:

1. Forget about it
Learning how to overcome challenges does not happen overnight; it takes time to realize how to do it right. If you panic after someone criticizes your work you can throw in a towel on your entire career right then, or you can let it go.

When you got rejected, criticized, or encounter some road block, just forget about it. Seriously. Move on, do something else and get those negative thoughts out of your mind.

2. Listen to your go-to song
Do you have a song that you listen to when you have to get inspired or motivated? Turn on that song whenever you feel like giving up. Find some songs that work for you and create a playlist that will be there for you when you feel criticized or hopeless.

3. Get your blood pumping
Clear your mind of all negativity by working out. Go out for a morning run to start your day feeling refreshed and energized, and leave yourself in a good mood for the entire day. Forget about giving up and focus on pushing yourself physically to motivate and inspire yourself to accomplish the goals in your life.

4. Reframe your personal story
This method is often proposed by psychologists and life coaches because it really helps to change your mindset when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Instead of worrying about failing, remind yourself that life is full of surprises; the positive ones will keep you motivated and the negative ones will make you stronger. Interpret your challenges as a way to help you instead of as a way to stop you.

5. Quitting is not an option
Before you decide on a goal, you need to make one important deal with yourself -Decide that quitting is not an option. Make it clear that you will get punched in the face several times before you get what you want, and there is no reason to panic and give up
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