At Christmas, Buhari asks Nigerians to show the world something good can come out of the country

President Muhammadu Buhari has asked Nigerians to embrace love, peace and hospitality during Christmas. In his message to the nation on the...

President Muhammadu Buhari has asked Nigerians to embrace love, peace and hospitality during Christmas.

In his message to the nation on the occasion of Christmas, Buhari urged the populace to reflect on the “message of hope, compassion, salvation, reconciliation, forgiveness and peace that Jesus Christ embodies and conveys.”

He asked Nigerians to show the world that something good can come out of the country.

The president said he had ordered the security agencies to see to it that people can celebrate in peace without fears of insecurity.

He added that the future of the country is better than what it had experienced in the past.

He promised to deliver a credible, free and fair election in 2019, saying “my word is my bond”.

“I felicitate with all Nigerians, particularly our Christian brothers and sisters, on the joyous occasion of this year’s Christmas, which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ,” Buhari said.

“In 2018, Nigerians have had mixed blessings, typical of human beings. On the pleasant side, our economy has made significant progress since coming out from recession and our faithful implementation of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan.

“On the downside, we have seen so many unnecessary deaths caused by violent clashes between neighbours, who ordinarily should complement and support one another.

“We cannot bring back the lives lost to floods, unfortunate fire disasters, road accidents, farmers/herders clashes and insurgency.

“But we can put back smiles on the faces of the grieving, the displaced and the troubled, if we show a little love and recommit ourselves to building relationships with those outside our ethnic, religious and socio-political divides.

“As we celebrate Christmas, exchange gifts, pray and visit loved ones, let us remember many others who cannot be with their families this time.

“Our brave Armed Forces, and other security men and women who make incredible sacrifices to keep us safe, the aged, the sick, physically challenged persons, all deserve our goodwill in this season of love and sharing.

“Together we can show generosity to our neighbours and demonstrate the diversity that makes Nigeria unique – a land with a beautiful climate and vegetation, beaming with an energetic and creative youth population.

“We must not also forget that what lies ahead of us as a nation is better than whatever we must have experienced in the past.

“With general election around the corner and heightened political activities across the country, I have charged our security and law enforcement agencies to secure the sanctity of the ballot box and ensure that the outcome of the polls reflects the will of the Nigerian people.

“My avowed commitment to free, fair, credible and violence-free polls is not a ruse or yet another vain political promise. My word is my bond.

“It is a sworn declaration on the advancement of Nigeria, the future and safety of our young and unborn generations.

“Let us tell the world that, indeed, something good can come out from Nigeria. And it will happen, as we all team up to make it happen.”

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