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Immediate Past KCOBA President Olor'ogun Sunny Kuku with members of the (1995 - 2001) KCOBA Class Set The state of education i...

Immediate Past KCOBA President Olor'ogun Sunny Kuku with members of the (1995 - 2001) KCOBA Class Set

The state of education in Nigeria continues to be a cause for concern, and will be for quite some time. The recent release of NECO results in which only 10% of candidates passed, together with the worsening unemployment in the country can leave one feeling powerless. It is now generally accepted that even though the government can do a lot more in this regard, improving education cannot be left to government alone. Private individuals can do a lot more.
It will be difficult to name a group of people more committed and more involved to doing their bit to uplifting educational standards, than the King's College Old Boys Association (KCOBA), and their template is one that should be emulated by former students of educational institutions up and down the country, if progress must be made.

The KCOBA is undergoing a period of rejuvenation, which started under the leadership of Olor'ogun Sunny Kuku, and looks set to continue under Hakeem Bello-Osagie's watch. There is an energy and enthusiasm that is on the rise, due to the active involvement of the younger old boys. The older KCOBs have wisely encouraged this, and happily co-opted the ideas and energy of the youth as a key driver of the association's aims. It is a win-win in every respect.

The dinner party for class set leaders which took place at the home of the KCOBA President Hakeem Belo-Osagie, was the first large gathering since the elections that saw the new executive ushered in. It was very well attended by class sets, and several prominent KCOBs like Kalu Idika Kalu, Leke Oshuniyi, Albert Okumagba, Ituah Igholdalo, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and the past president Olor'ogun Kuku. Guests were briefed on the steps taken by the Exco to date, by the KCOBA general secretary Olu Akpata. Chief among the developments is the start of a  KCOBA Job Fair, which is being organised by the association in conjunction with Jobberman. This is to employ qualified old boys as part of a wider goal of empowerment, and an attempt to bridge the generational gap. The production of a book which will be the definitive history of the school continues apace, with the first draft ready. Guests were also briefed on plans to extend the association to other cities, with Ibadan being the first port of call. Payment of annual dues to enable the secretariat run effectively was also emphasised.

KCOBA Vice President Sanusi Lamido Sanusi presenting an award to members of the (1995 - 2001) KCOBA Class Set

After the briefing by the KCOBA secretary, representatives of class sets came to give their remarks. A few common threads were apparent: their total support for the initiatives of the Exco, especially the Job Fair, and their desire for the association to be more vocal with respect to national discussions. To this end, a colloquium will be organised every year by the KCOBA, starting this year, which is another major initiative.

Another highlight of the evening was the acknowledgement of the efforts of the (1995-2001) KCOBA Class Set towards  improving the school. The plaque was presented to Moses Nasamu - who is the representative of the set - by KCOBA Vice President Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. It is a testament to the cohesion shown by the group in recent times, and is certainly an incentive to do even more.

It is always a joy to be in the company of fellow kingsmen, especially when they go down memory lane. The rivalry between houses still rages even now. Their insights into the traditions of the good old school are a real gift for the younger old boys and their role in connecting the past with the present is invaluable.

The atmosphere in which the dinner took place was a most serene one, and the dinner itself was fit for kings. The KCOBA president and his wife were gracious hosts. It was a lovely few hours.

By Joachim MacEbong
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  1. Emmanuel Oriaifo4 April 2012 at 18:39

    Splendid article and encouraging events being put in place, whereby KCOBA will make considerable impact in the society.
    Kodus Mac,for a job well done and floreat to all Kingsmen in their quest to make a change in the country.
    God bless you all!

  2. This is good news... I wish all other Alumni organizations in Nigeria can emulate



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