Popular Nigerian Pastor Tunde Bakare On Why He Left Deeper Life Bible Church: They Call 'TV' 'The Devil's Box'

On November 11, 2014, Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly, will turn 60. In a recent interview with The News Nigeria, the pastor talked about his journey in life, his challenges, his spiritual growth and Churches in Nigeria.

explained that in the 80's, he spent 5 years with Deeper Life Bible Church, but he had to leave because the church insisted on calling televisions evil.

Read an excerpt below:

I was in Deeper Life for five years, between 1978 and December 1983. Brother Kumuyi was and is still a great teacher of the Word. The person that put the fear of God in me was Brother Kumuyi. He laid the foundation for systematic teaching that many people see me do today. However, I rose through the ranks. I preached while I was there and conducted youth meetings. I was doing some legal works for the ministry also. I registered some of their companies. But one day while I was ministering and a brother was interpreting, I was giving example of the “faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God” and I said, ‘Supposing you go to a supermarket to buy soap, you might not know what soap to buy but because you watched the advertisement of Joy soap on television, then you would look for Joy soap because you have been hearing about it.’

And my interpreter said: “If you have been watching the devil’s box … “ I told him I didn’t say devil’s box but television, and he repeated saying the devil’s box and Brother Kumuyi was behind us. I said I didn’t say devil’s box and that the normal interpretation is amu ohun mu aworan, (the box that captures both the voice and the visuals). Anyway, he still said what he said. The following Sunday, Brother Kumuyi came up with what he called “Sunday Exaltation”; he said that even if you repair television, you are a child of the devil. Then I took my Bible and left. I went home and said I would serve my God, but was not interested anymore in church.

Source: The News Nigeria
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