EBOLA: 2 People Reportedly Diagnosed Of Deadly Virus In Liberia

Liberian officials say at least two people caught Ebola from a teenager who died of the virus. The country had battled West Africa's most recent outbreak for over a year before being declared free of Ebola in early May.

On Wednesday, Liberia confirmed two new Ebola cases in the town where doctors found the virus on the corpse of 17-year-old Abraham Memaigar seven weeks after officials had declared the country free from the virus on May 9. Health officials told the news agency AFP that the infected pair had come into physical contact with Memaigar before his death on Sunday in a village near the country's international airport, about an hour's drive southeast of the capital, Monrovia, a city of about 1 million people.

"One hundred and two contacts have been identified, although that number is expected to increase as investigations continue," the World Health Organization said in its latest report. "At this stage the origin of infection is not known."

Liberia continues to reel from an outbreak that killed 4,800 people. Guinea and Sierra Leone have also battled Ebola, which claimed more than 11,200 lives in 18 months across West Africa.

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