You Will Not Believe This, Indians Worship Toilets???

Although Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, claims 100% success in eradication of open defecation under the Sawach Bharat (Clean India) campaign, there is still problem.

9 million toilets have been built in rural areas over the last one year but the irony of it all is that rural people in the country are worshiping these newly constructed toilets instead of using them. .

It’s a reality and a huge obstacle for Clean India Campaign that despite availability of toilets, people, especially males, prefer to defecate in open because they believe it’s an unhygienic and unholy practice to have a toilet within house premises.

Many others don’t know how to use and why to use toilets. They see a toilet as an alien privilege. Whenever a new one is built for them, they perform an inaugural ritual for it by covering the toilet seat and floor of toilet with flowers. .

Coconut and bananas will be offered to the God of toilets. A plate, filled with a cup of sindoor (vermilion), an essential part of most of Indian religious ceremonies, will be placed in front of the toilet and a glass full of milk will also be offered.
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