African leaders need education – Former President of Nigeria, Obasanjo

African leaders have been implored to focus on good governance, equity and other variables that would bring about growth on the continent.

This is according to Former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the recently concluded Commonwealth Day Service and The Commonwealth Africa Summit event in commemoration of the Commonwealth Week in London, the United Kingdom.

According to Obasanjo: “If Globalisation means I open my door and you take things out but you close your own door to me, then to hell with globalisation.

“Africa is not an unmitigated failure. There are good things in Africa. Africa remains the cradle of humanity. We need to put our pad on our head as Africans and stand by our load and be ready to carry, and then they will help us.

“Our greatest asset is our people. Let us train and educate our people. People will say, too many people, the truth is that the so called youth budge can be an asset and a responsibility. Let us educate them and give them skills.

“60% of arable land in the world is in Africa, what are we doing with it. Let us stop regarding agriculture as a development project; it’s a business, Agriculture business.

The former President who is also the Chairman of Commonwealth African Initiative said that Leadership can do and undo.

“What I have seen in Africa is that I think on incremental basis, our leadership qualities are improving, but our leaders need to be educated. They need to understand the world and know that by themselves alone we can’t go farther,” he summed.
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