Ghana: I have repented from taking 'wild' photos - Actress Ella Mensah claims

According to Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah she has repented from certain lifestyles including taking ‘wild’ photos.

And her reason for the latest decision, she told the NEWS-ONE paper was because she is now a matured woman. “I have stopped taking wild photos; not anymore,” she said.

Ella is known for taking wild photos, the reason many people have been tagging her as a ‘bad girl’.

Sometime in 2014, she defended the bad girl image, saying: “This is showbiz; come and show yourself. Who I am on screen or on the cover of magazines and newspapers is different from who I am in real life. I don’t think my photos should portray me as a bad lady or a bad person. It’s an expression of what I feel at that particular moment. I take sexy pictures because I am comfortable with my body. I don’t need to be a size zero to feel sexy.”

But now she thinks she is a changed person and is giving up that lifestyle. “I am growing now,” she said.

Henceforth, if Ella’s wild photos pop up then it is probably an old photograph.

She is currently one of the few Ghanaian actresses who have been frequenting Nigeria’s Nollywood. Generally, not many Ghanaians film in Nigeria but the mother of one has been filming out there almost every time.

She also continues to make headlines in her home country and is gradually becoming a household name in both Ghana and Nigeria.

A talented actress, she is always remembered for roles in notable films including Educated Housemaids, 11am, Mirabel, Crime to Christ, Playboy, Couples on Fire and many more.
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