Nigeria: BadBoy Rapper Lynxx Advises Against Pre-marital sex

Nigerian rapper Lynxxx shared a photo on Instagram that has had everyone talking.

In his post Lynxxx preached against the dangers of premarital sex.
Some of the things he wrote are “Please be very careful about who you are intimate with and who u share your body with. We tend to see only the physical side of sex and ignore the existence of the Spiritual (which is the MOST important). In this generation, sex is as common as a handshake, no sentiments to it, no love attached to it, its now a commodity for trade (cash and benefits alike) people sell their dignity for cash, cars, houses, bags, shoes and Luxurious Holidays like its nothing and come on the gram stunting.”

This post has shocked a few who see Lynxxx as the playboy rapper. However those who have been following the rapper have known for a while that Lynxxx has been acting on a different tip within the last few months.

Lynxxx has been dishing out relationship tips a lot these days. He has also been talking a lot about God. No one knows exactly when Lynxxx became born again but his Instagram posts started having a spiritual undertone to them late last year.
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