Doctors remove 18" cassava from man's anus

News reports have revealed a 55-year-old man has almost lost his life from anal injuries he sustained in the course of using a cassava stalk as a sex toy.

The unidentified man from Costa Rica had almost lost his life from the anal injuries caused by the 18-inch cassava stalk that he had been using as an anal sex toy which had gotten stuck inside of him.

Fortunately for him, doctors at San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose had reportedly managed to remove the cassava before it had been too late.

The reports reveal that the man had carved the huge cassava stalk into a phallic shape, wrapping it in two condoms before proceeding to make use of it.

Unfortunately for him, one of the condoms had burst, getting stuck in his anal cavity which had put the man at risk of perforating his intestines as well as suffering from other infections.
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