Man allegedly beheads mother for rituals

A young man has been arrested for allegedly beheading his mother for ritual purposes in one of the Northern states of Nigeria.

According to Zuma Times Hausa, the young man whose name was given as Haliru, allegedly belonged to a deadly cult group and was mandated to donate his mother's head to the cult. To fulfill the demands of the group, Haliru allegedly tricked his mother to a bush and beheaded her.

But he was caught by some villagers when he was taking the head to the his coven and handed over to the police.

He was alleged to have confessed that he was mandated to sacrifice his mother so as to get rich and prolong his own life.

When journalist asked him the reason for killing his mother during his parade by the police, Haliru reportedly said:

"The cult people said I should donate my mother to them so as to make money rituals. So I tricked her into the bush and cut off her head. I was caught on my way to give them the head."

The Zuma Times did not, however mention the town or state the incident happened in.
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