Meet Nigerian banker who turned puff-puff seller in Lagos

Omotade Johnson, a former staff with Intercontinental bank now make ends meet selling puff puff at Igando bus stop in Lagos state. Omotade, a graduate of Mass Communications told a news correspondent  that he was among the people that lost their jobs due to bank liquidation in 2009.

He explained that he groaned a little, swallowed his pride, and decided to move on as a man with the puff puff business.

“Formerly, I worked with Intercontinental Bank PLC. That happened shortly; I lost the job when the bank got liquidated and everything went flat. But, as a man, you have to work and I can’t see anything I can’t do. So that was why I joined the new trend”

Omotade was interested in the puff-puff trade when he relocated to Lagos in 2012. He met his friends who were into confectionery business. He subjected himself to thorough learning and know-how.

Unlike some who despise their occupation for the right or wrong reasons, the former banker loves what he is doing. According to him, “I love the business. It’s quite a profitable one. Of course, if it’s not, this my team you see working here wouldn’t have been here. Because you can’t just wake up early in morning, stay here till night without going home with something that is worth the time and you continue working”.

Omotade has also been able to establish good rapport with his regular customers. He knows them by their names and even categorised them by the motive of their patronage.

Photo: (Johnson (spotted in white T-shirt), mixing flour together with his partner)
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