Nigerian arrested for raping Australian woman in South Korea

A Nigerian man has been arrested for sexual harassment in South Korea.

The man was accused of sexually harassing an Australian school teacher, Airdre Mattner by the Korean authority.

The Nigerian was arrested after his DNA matched the one taken from the Australian.

However, the Australian is accusing the Nigerian of drugging, abducting and rapping her in company with two other accomplices.

According to, Mattner who teaches English in Japan, was visiting Seoul with her boyfriend and a friend last September, and decided to stay on a few days alone. She had joined a pub crawl advertised on Facebook to get to know the city better only to be drugged and raped by three men.

Mattner said she had only been on her third drink when the effect of the drug kicked in. She had then found herself hauled into a taxi heading where she didn’t know.

“The next thing I recall is being on a bed in a hotel room,” she said. “The man was on top of me. I struggled and tried to push him away but was again too heavily drugged to manage anything.

“I woke up the next morning completely naked. All my money was gone. My clothes and belongings were torn and strewn across the room.”

The Australian said she had reported the incident to the South Korean Police but they had reacted unconcerned.

Mattner and her mother subsequently set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to pursue legal action against her attackers. It was only after she began her own private investigation to get justice that the authorities arrested the Nigerian and slammed him with sexual harassment charges which Mattner says is far lesser than the crime he committed.

A CCTV footage which captured the woman been led away by the three men who she accused of raping here has also surfaced.
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