Reporter faces 6months in jail for defecating in woman's lawn

A TV reporter was arrested earlier this week after he was allegedly caught leaning against the wall of a house, taking a dump according to New York Post reports.

Jonathan Lowe, a reporter for TV station KPHO, was spotted doing the deed by a neighbour who had gone to collect his newspaper and saw him on the front lawn.

The homeowner contacted the police shortly after she became aware of what had happened in her front lawn.

The 33-year-old later owned up to the act. According to the police report, when contacted, Mr. Lowe said: "I know what you want to talk to me about. I’ve been feeling very sick and I’ve been stuck in this van all day.

"Those people who called on me just wanted to start problems."

Mr.  Lowe was reporting a story at the time in Phoenix, Arizona when his bowels became full and he needed to go.

The unnamed female homeowner told police that she would not have minded if the reporter had knocked and asked to use her restroom.

As of last Wednesday, KPHO, Lowe's employers said they still recognised him as one of their workers. On Thursday, however,  the station reportedly referred to him as a ‘former employee’, as reported by New York Post.

Lowe, charged for public defecation, now faces a fine of $2500 or half a year in jail.
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