7 Kenyan Occupations With The Worst Immorality Cases

Life in Kenya is quite interesting. Weird happenings involving the job market and occupation related scandals make headlines daily. Here are some of the occupations with most cases of immorality going on.

1. Music

The music industry is apparently laced with open secrets of infidelity, debauchery and sexual exploitation. There have been broken relationships and scandals between celebrity couples and baby mamas complaining of neglect. This is one of the most notorious industries, not only in Kenya but across the globe. Apart from that, music producers have been accused of taking advantage of young, naive, upcoming female musicians. They allegedly demand for sexual favors with the promise to produce high quality music for the artistes.

2. Media

The media is a mirror of society, but it cannot lack dirt here and there. There have been stories of popular female media personalities cheating on their husbands, and boyfriends getting caught having sex with girls in parking lots. This is nothing new to us. It’s one of the most immoral industries in Kenya.

3. Modeling

The modeling industry is filled with horror stories. Aspiring models find themselves losing their dignity instead of gaining traction, appearing on billboards and getting paid as they expect. Model agency managers and event organizers demand for sex from these young girls, some of who end up giving in to these tricky offerings. Once they accept those deals, they become sexual puppets.

4. Taxi/Boda Boda

I recently interacted with a man who told me that at one time he posed as a taxi driver and ferried a ‘drunken hot mama’ to her place. He maintained her number and within two weeks he had sex with her. Usually, the taxi drivers and bodaboda operators are willing to offer free services such that if they ask for sexual favors in return later on, the client is more than willing to oblige. This helps to maintain their relationship so that they can continue benefiting from each other.

5. House boy/House girl

This is pretty obvious. House girls have been known to break homes. When a houseboy is left alone with the woman of the house, there is high possibility of sexual activity, based on the fact that the two are only human. If the lady dresses in a provocative way, it can arouse the lad and he can make sexual advances. If the woman feels that he does it better than her boyfriend or husband, this affair could go on for years. Same with the house girl; if she gets offered money and gifts, she’ll surely give the man what he wants.

6. Security (Watchmen)

Guards and watchmen have been known to have sex with married women and girls in the residences where they guard. This usually happens during weekends or nights when the man of the house is not around. When the woman gets the urge to quench her sexual thirst, she approaches the ‘watchie’ who rarely turns down the opportunity for ‘premium sexual experience.’
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