Gay lions? See pictures

Usually lions have prides with many females to amuse and satisfy them. However, these photos are shocking, as the animals appear to be doing something else. Two males together… are they playing or is it for real?

At the first glace these “games” do not seem to be very innocent. It looks like the males are having sex with each other. Surely, they may just be playing or “practicing”.

However, the scientists say that up to 10 percent of all males in animal kingdom are prone to homosexual interactions. In most cases, these beasts are bisexual, meaning they have intercourse both with males and females.

Still no one really knows why such things happen. What does it deliver to the species to have such contacts? That thing is unknown. These lions seem to be demonstrating their homosexuality to prove the fact that many animals do it, even such kingly ones as big cats.

Some of the photos show how happy the gay lions are. These photos are pretty shocking and amazing, too.

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