Teacher impregnated by 13-year old student, turns self to police

24-year-old Alexandria Vera however had to turn herself in yesterday, Wednesday, June 1, after  a warrant was issued for her arrest.

The teacher, who is employed at Stovall Middle School, Houston, Texas, is remembered by any of the students as the “cool teacher” because of her lax rules which allowed students use their cell-phones in class.  It is also reported that many of the students had long suspected her of having a sexual relationship with the 13-year old eighth-grader whose name is unreported for legal reasons.

According to a neighbour who wishes to remain anonymous, “That kid was always over (Vera’s house in Spring) and she always told (neighbors) it was her brother,”

Court documents show that Vera told investigators that she met the boy in summer school, then they both grew close the following school year.

Vera claimed that the boy introduced her as his girlfriend when she met with his parents in the fall. She told investigators that the boy's parents were quite “very supportive and excited” about the whole thing, even after news of her pregnancy was revealed to them.

Court documents reveal that she and the victim “love each other.”  It was also revealed that the two had sex almost daily for nine months.
Child Protective Services however showed up at the school to question Vera and the boy, which made the teacher nervous and got abortion.

She could not be located at her premises, prompting Police to issue a warrant for her arrest before she turned herself in on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Aldine ISD said Vera has been on administrative leave since last month and that the district is in the process of terminating her employment.
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