Kissing in movies is 100% real - Ghanaian actor Van Vicker

Many have wondered whether kissing in movies is real or fake for a long time. Some say it is staged. They usually are of this view because they think that on health grounds, it is not even safe for the same actor to be having real kisses with different actors from set to set.

Others also believe it is real. They also hold this view because of how real some actors make kissing scenes look.

To answer this puzzle and also set confused minds on this subject free, Actor and Producer – Van Vicker, in an interview with Arnold Mensah Elavanyo on Vibes In 5 has revealed that kissing in movies is 100% real.

According to Van, kissing is not staged or achieved with any camera trick. Whatever kiss we see in movies is very real. “Kissing in movies is real…it is 100% real. It is not staged. No camera trick is used”, he said.

He added, that even though it is real, it can safely be done without emotions attached. According to the “Black Monkey” actor, whenever he kisses in movies, he hardly includes his tongues in the process. All he does is to just clip his lips to that of the female character and then turn his head from side to side to make the kiss look intense.

So now if you were wondering whether your actress girlfriend does real kissing on set during filming, now you know what the answer is. Maybe you also should take a look at who she has been doing it with.
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  1. very useless story its as unreal as the fake nollywood/ghollywood films. the realness of the kisses is not that it is faked by cameras or not but by the actors that do not know what acting is all about...



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