Native doctors fail to come up with manhood enlarging concoction

The Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha) has described as bogus traditional healers who claim to offer male organ enlargement medicine as a survey has shown that of more than 50 000 healers who were called to come forward with the natural medicine by a United Kingdom company for a fee, no one did.

Zinatha president Mr George Kandiero told Sunday News last week that research by his organisation has also established that no such traditional medicine exists.

Mr Kandiero warned of possible serious health ramifications if members of the public use the male organ enlargement medicine prescribed by the bogus traditional healers. He challenged anyone who has had their male sexual organs enlarged to come out in the open and give testimony.

“In all my 24 years as a traditional healer I have never come across such medicine. Some two years ago, as Zinatha we were tasked by a UK-based Consultancy Company to come up with a natural substance that can enlarge male organs.

“We put adverts in the media, approached all our 50 000 or so members asking anyone who had such a remedy to come forward but no one did. The money was good but no one could provide us with the medicine.

“We have also done researches through our committee on research and documentation and no such medicine was found. If there is anyone who had their organ enlarged let them come out in the open,” he said.

Mr Kandiero said the traditional healers and herbalists who were selling “male enlargement” medicines were blatant crooks bent on hoodwinking desperate Zimbabweans.

He urged people to consult registered and licenced traditional healers and not gamble with their health by engaging bogus practitioners.

“If you hear anyone making such a claim that they can enlarge male sexual organs that person is an outright crook. These people are simply taking advantage of desperate people.

“Something needs to be done to protect people from falling prey to such bogus traditional healers,” he said.
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