Some people wished Yvonne and I never made up - Ghanaian actor Dumelo

 They had a public fall out last year and the reconciliation of actors and longtime BFFS (Best Friend Forever), John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson has become a trending topic on both traditional and social media for the past two weeks.

While the two friends who missed each other and are happy to be back together, they say there are some who wished they never made up and remained at loggerheads.

In an interview with Showbiz on Friday, Dumelo revealed that there were many people who were unhappy about the close relationship he shares with Yvonne Nelson and as such were delighted when they had a fallout and placed a pause on their friendship.

“There are many people who were happy when Yvonne and I stopped talking and even now that we are back together, I know there are others who wished our relationship was still ‘on the rocks’,” he said.

John Dumelo said although they came public about their reconciliation about two weeks ago, they had been in touch since last year.

“I do not recall who made the first move to reconcile but I remember we had been talking for some time now.

“Yvonne recently called me for a role in a movie she’s producing and that is where we took the pictures and made everything public”, he added.

According to The Game star, “a lot of people look up to the both of us as role models and it was time to sit up and set a good example.

“We have different views and opinions but that does not mean we should be enemies. What the nation needs is peace and as a peace ambassador, I need to lead the way,” he added.

John said considering the closeness of the relationship he shares with Yvonne, he could not imagine not making up with her. “So how can I preach peace when I’m not at peace with my friends? What example would I be setting?

“God forbid but if your friend you don’t talk to dies, what will you go and say at the burial? Are you even going to attend the burial? What at all do we achieve when we say we don’t want to talk to someone again? Doesn’t God forgive us when we sin?” he added.

John urged Ghanaians to exercise restraint and peace before, during and after the December general elections, adding that the fact that people share different ideologies does not make them enemies.

John and Yvonne had a public falling out over the #Dumsor must stop campaign initiated by Yvonne Nelson last year to protest the prolonged load shedding exercise which culminated in a massive demonstration in Accra, attracting top personalities and a large section of the Ghanaian populace.

Dumelo, on the other hand felt the public uproar over the blackouts was needless which led to a war of words between the two on twitter which strained their relationship.
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