Meet tribe in Namibian where men are allowed to exchange wives

In Namibia, they have solved the cheating problem. Women never complain about men cheating and men never even have to do it. Why? Just because male friends can allow each other to sleep with their wives! It’s a traditional wife swap, but many consider it to be the rape!

For centuries the tribes have done it. Men who are friends can come to an agreement and let each other have fun with their wives. Surely, swapping exists in many countries. Some couples try it to prevent cheating and allow each other the freedom they need in sex.

However, the question arises: is it just the freedom in sex or rape? The answer is simple: if a woman agrees to experiment and has the right to say “no” to it, it’s a swap. But if the woman has no say in the matter and only men settle it – it’s the rape!

In any case, such behaviors lead to fornication. Even though such a tradition does provide people with some freedoms and eliminates cheating, it also breaks the rights of women and promotes spreading HIV. That’s why in the modern day Namibia the wife swap tradition has evoked much debate and controversy. On one hand, it’s an ancient tribal culture, on another hand, it breaks the rights of people and introduces fornication and deadly diseases.
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