Serial rapists should be castrated - Actress Ireti Doyle

Recently, there is virtually no day that a rape case is not reported in the news in Nigeria. Due to this fact, ace Nollywood diva, Ireti Doyle, has given her two cents views about the matter. According to the screen diva, serial rapists should have their manhood cut off if convicted.

She said, “In Nigeria, as in almost everywhere in the world, I do not think that rape cases are handled properly often times. What makes it worse for us in Nigeria is that in advanced countries, they have strict laws and most times, the law is enforced and justice is done. In Nigeria, we have laws in place but are they enforced as they should be? I don’t think so. But I am happy that there is a lot more conversation about it. People tend to think that rape is on the increase but I don’t think so; I think it has always been a part of our society but you are hearing a lot more about it now because people are talking about it. That veil of secrecy has been removed and the more we talk about it, the more we blow the whistle against the offenders. Eventually I think we would get it right. We need to put stronger laws in place and enforce them and justice must be done.

“When you hear about a law that castrates rapists, you may think it is extreme but when you think of the ripple effect, the damage that rape causes not just to the victims but people around them, you might want to rethink. I think that the punishment should be hard especially for repeat offenders. Maybe if you are a first time offender, the law might give you room for rehabilitation but if you are a repeated offender, they should cut off your  manhood.”

Regarded as one of the few actresses to be blessed with ageless beauty and grace, the star actress shared some of her beauty secrets with Saturday Beats and one of them is that she has learnt the art of ignoring people.

Doyle said, “I look this youthful due to the grace of God. Like I always say, to look youthful, you have to rid yourself of negative energy – be it people, situations or circumstances. Whatever you cannot control; let it go. I shut out negative comments by simply disregarding them. Although it sounds easier said than done but I am middle aged and I have learnt the art of ignoring people. I cannot help anyone who has a misconception about me. The onus is on the person to come closer and try to discern whether I am a snub or not. Thankfully, the few people that have had the opportunity to come closer see that there is much more to this very cold outer look. I am too old to start trying to please everybody. I can’t please everyone; all I can do is to be myself.”
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