Suicidal Man jumps to his death by falling from 15th floor of trade building

An unidentified man has reported committed suicide in Kenya, having jumped down from the 15th floor of a building.

Reports gathered by The Nation News stated that the man had just visited his relation at the Pension Towers, Nairobi, where the incident happened.

This happened at noon on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at Lolita Street where the building is situated.

Paul Wanjama, the Central Police Chief revealed to newsmen that the deceased is a middle-aged man, who developed a cracked skull following the suicide.

This reportedly killed him instantly.

“We are interrogating a few people to find out what may have triggered the suicide,” Wanjama said.

According to a student, Pauline Njambi, who was around the building when the incident occurred, the deceased was heard screaming as he fell.

His body was badly damaged from the fall according to Njambi.

“He was screaming as he went down,”
 “When we went outside, we found him dead. His body was really damaged”, she said.
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