Woman and her 19-year-old son in hot romantic relationship

Monica Mares, a 36-year-old woman living in New Mexico, United States, has admitted that she has strong romantic feelings for her son, Caleb Peterson, whom she earlier gave up for adoption.

The pair, who recently reconnected have stated that their meeting was love at first sight, Daily Mail reports.

Mares affirmed that they plan to do everything possible to get acceptance in their relationship, including the right to have sexual intercourse.

“It was almost love at first sight for us when we met for the first time last Christmas, since I gave him up for adoption.

“We have vowed to fight for our right to have a sexual relationship and we appeal to the public to help donate to their legal fund and support us.

“We successfully kept our relationship a secret when we lived happily together in a mobile home with my two youngest children.
“But the police found out about the affair.”

In his reaction, Peterson claimed to have made the first move on his mother, who apparently had the same thought as he did.

According to him, the woman has made him feel special, stating that he had never had anyone spoil him with meals.

“I have never had anyone cook me meals or make me feel special. I made the first move on her after I started developing romantic feelings towards her”, he said. 
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