Ghanaian actor Majid Michel shares major tip on how to change a man

In a series of #Leadership posts, multiple award-winning actor, Majid Michel has been sharing some inspirational messages via his Instagram page.

One of the latest posts by the Michel could be of particular interest to the masses who seek change in people they care about.

He wrote: "If you want to change a man, you must change him. You can't change a man by changing his environment, by removing his circumstances. You can't change a man simply by trying to build a new type of community for him. You see, society is made up of people. If you want to change society, you have to change people, and the only person who can change another person is Jesus Christ. #LEADERSHiP"

Majid who is Christian and very religious in another post said people do not need pulpits to be preachers. He advised people to live an exemplary life that could serve as more than a sermon.

Majid is regarded as one of the most respectable actors in both the Ghanaian and Nigerian movie industries. He has featured in a lot of movies that have led him to winning some prestigious awards.

Despite his fame, the actor remains very humble and tries to impact his society in the most positive way as possible.
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