Gold toilet pictures of Zimbabwe President break the internet

While the majority of Zimbabweans live ai abject poverty, those with the correct political connections are living in the lap of luxury. This was further confirmed after a leaked picture shows a toilet seat in President Mugabe’s master bedroom.

The toilet seat is made of solid gold. Leaked images show the 92 year old’s choice of relieving his bowel. The extravagant piece of luxury is said to be in his master bedroom. Zimbabweans world wide have however condemned the gold toilet seat. “It’s a slap in the face. Who knows what else he has used our resources on?” said a man who refused to reveal his name fearing intimidation.

Our correspondent in Zimbabwe said the president is a known lover of the finer things in life. “His wife is worse though, rumor has it her menstrual pads have gold dust”, our correspondent said.

The leaking of the images will however pose a serious security breach at the president’s home as security personnel are not allowed to take pictures of Mugabe’s house or surrounds.

When we contacted the presidential spokesman, George Charamba dismissed the pictures saying we need to concentrate on things affecting South Africa instead. “You guys should not bother us with our gold toilets. rather concentrate on your own country. Has the Nkandla money been paid yet?” he asked before hanging up the phone.
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  1. Absolute crap journalism.Where is the evidence that these toilets are really toilets in Mugabe's estate.In my own candid opinion these may be toilets taken off any site on the internet.Question every thing!



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