How to determine baby's gender by pregnant mother's breasts

Now we can use ultrasound and other modern technology to find out the baby’s sex before it gets born. However, not everyone can access these things. So, can you tell the baby’s gender by how your boobs look during the pregnancy?

Surely, of old people invented many methods to do so. Unfortunately, none of them guarantees 100 percent results. Still, these methods work and paying attention to your breasts’ size and shape during the nine months is one of them.

Science journalist Jena Pincott has carried out research. Her findings are amazing! She discovered that women, who carry girls usually have larger breasts. I.e. their breasts get bigger during the pregnancy than of those, who carry the boys.

If you are carrying a baby and your breasts get 8 cm larger, most likely it’s a girl, but they the increase in size is around 6 cm, it might be a boy. As you know, men have the dominating hormone called testosterone. It prevents their boobs from growing big.

So, if a lady carries a boy, he delivers this hormone into her system and slows down her breasts’ growth. But a girl delivers, even more, estrogen; that’s why the boobs of her mother grow so big. She gets the double dose of it.

So, if the urine test or ultrasound is unavailable to you and you wish to know who you are carrying, check out your breasts and measure their size increase!
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