10 Ways To Prevent Your Housemaid From Sleeping With Your Husband

Some women object to the maids living with them so they opt for weekend cleaners.  People’s opinions about them are tainted as they believ...

Some women object to the maids living with them so they opt for weekend cleaners.  People’s opinions about them are tainted as they believe they will end up seducing and snatching their madams’ husbands. Most of the girls who are being used as housemaids in big cities come from villages where life is seen to be tough and hard.

They go into bigger cities in hope of finding their own green pasture even if it comes in the form of their bosses’ men. There are many negative comments about housemaids and the things they do in the house. Some end up molesting the kids they ought to take care of; others are filled with one spirit or the other.

Irrespective of all the things these maids do, some people cannot help not employing their services. In view of all these, there are still some very good ones that will handle the affairs of your home with all sincerity. But in order to keep your husband while living with a maid, there are certain rules you have to work with. You will save yourself a great deal.

Find below some of the rules you should follow in order to prevent your housemaid from snatching your husbands:

1. Do not get a maid if you do not trust your man
As a unit, you have to work in synergy with your husband. Before we go on to blame the maids, we have to do our own part. That involves considering the kind of man you have as a husband. If he is someone that chases anything in skirts, then you had better drop the idea of having a female helper in the house.

2. Never take a maid that is beautiful
Irrespective of the fact that you love to promote beauty, do not take a girl that is beautiful or curvy as a maid. If you do, you will find yourself to blame as you will make your husband cheat on you with her. And if she ends up being liberated, she may stand up to you and make you lose your position as a wife.

3. Do not trade positions
No one is asking you to beat up your maid and maltreat her when she disobeys you. There are things you can do to command respect without battering her. If the housemaid you have cannot abide by your rules as the owner of the house, then you should let her go. When your employee respects you, she will not want to mess with you.

4. Ban the wearing of certain clothes
You should not allow a maid living under your roof to dress the way she wants if your husband lives with you. Ban the wearing of clothes that are transparent and revealing. This will help you a great deal as you do not have to bother about your husband seeing her body. Get her clothes that will not cling to her body. By doing this, you are helping her preserve her future as well. Give her orders not to tie wrappers around the house when she is naked beneath. Imagine what could happen if the wrapper drops in the presence of your husband.

5. Have an age limit for maids you want to employ
You will be looking for trouble if you get a maid who is a woman. You have to worry about her sleeping around with men since she has all the features of woman. Getting a maid who is physically bigger than you may make you lose your right as the madam.

6. Never give your old clothes to your maids
Apart from the fact that the world we live in is a wicked one, you should never give your used clothes to the maid living with you. Buy them their own clothes if you want to extend your charity to their wardrobe. Making a maid wear an old cloth may send the wrong signals to your husband if he is promiscuous. Some men claim to see their wives in the maids when they wear a particular dress the men appreciate. Things could get ugly if it was the men who bought that dress for their wives.

7. Do not be mean to them
Treat others as you will love to be treated. Maltreating the housemaids who work for you may bring out the demons in them. Snatching your husband may be a maid’s way of getting back at you. She could maltreat your children and molest them too in order to pay you back. If you know you are not pleased with a maid working with you, let her go. Do not become a criminal because you want to discipline your maid.

8. Never leave your maid in charge
If you want to keep your home, then you should never allow your maid to be the small madam. Avoid leaving your husband to the mercies of the maid. Do not stick to a routine, go to your house when she does not expect you. Act your role as the lady of your house, do not let your maid assume she can do anything she wants because you are not always around. Correct that impression!

9. She must learn a trade
Even though she is your maid, you have to invest in her future as a girl child. Put her in a local school or a shop where she can learn a skill. When she is kept busy, she will not have the time to seduce your husband. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. The skill she is learning will not keep her in the house when the children are off to school.

10. Do not starve your husband sexually
Avoid letting your husband give in to temptation. Do not starve him sexually while you have a maid in the house. If your husband is highly satisfied, he may not have the desire to sleep with your maid since you give him daily bouts of sex.
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