Man gets his manhood stuck in his wedding ring

A man has suffered a major embarrassment of his life after his pe_nis got stuck in his own wedding ring and he had to subject himself to scrutiny to remove it. This is the unbelievable moment doctors battled to remove a ring from a man’s p*nis after the organ got stuck in it.

The humiliated man had to have his wedding ring prised from his pe_nis after putting it on as a show of devotion and love to his wife. According to The Sun UK, the red-faced man was subjected to a cringe-worthy procedure by doctors and firefighters.

He had earlier explained to baffled medics how his wife had begged him to wear the tiny ring as a show of devotion to her. However, the stunt backfired when the wedding band became stuck on his member.

After two days in agony, the Chinese man finally relented and visited a hospital to have it removed. In a video making the rounds on the internet, doctors can be seen trying all manner of methods to remove the ring.

One attempts to lever it off with a pulley system. But eventually it is tugged off with brute force and a splash of washing up liquid. All the while the patient sits covering his face with his hands, hiding his shame.

Later, docs passed him a bag of ice to ease his pain. The footage was later uploaded to Chinese social media side Weibo where it has been viewed thousands of times.

One user quipped: “The most embarrassing here is that firstly he managed to put it on his pe_nis.”
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