11 Quick Remedies For Embarrassing Body Problems

No matter how perfect we seem to look, there is always something that makes us feel uncomfortable, insecure or worried.

No matter how perfect we seem to look, there is always something that makes us feel uncomfortable, insecure or worried.

Here is a list of things that you may be too shy to talk about with your friends and how you can deal with them:

1. Smelly feet: This happens to almost everyone of us. The combination of sweat plus the normal bacteria or fungi in our skin equals smelly feet.

What you should do:
Wash and dry your feet daily.
Wear clean socks.
Wear a different pair of shoes daily to air them out (If you have, but if not, ensure you keep them dry)

2. Body Odor: Body odour is a major concern especially for teenagers, when hormonal changes and activity levels are at their highest.

What you should do:
Bathe daily.
Wear antiperspirant and deodorants.
Change shirts often.
Stay away from fatty and spicy foods.

3. Bad breath: Oh please, bad breath pisses one off. This may be caused by dental cavities, gum problems, a dry mouth, a spicy-food diet, smoking, respiratory problems, and acid reflux.

What you should do:
Brush after every meal and floss daily.
Take sips of water every once in a while.
Refrain from spicy food, soda, and caffeine.
Stop smoking.

4. Pimples (Acne): Our face is the first contact when meeting people. Your face or pimples will go noticed. Pimples used to be blamed on hormones, chocolate, greasy foods, dirty skin, and stress but nobody really knows what causes it.

What you should do:
Keep your face clean.
Avoid bursting the pimples.

5. Dark underarms: For women, having dark armpits means not being able to wear sleeveless blouses, strapless gowns, or bathing suits.

What you should do:
Wax instead of shave.
Use mild antiperspirants and deodorants.
Wear shirts that don’t rub your skin.

6. Being overweight: Men and women alike feel conscious about their double chins, muffin tops, and flabby arms.

What you should do:
Eat more fruits and vegetables rather than fast food.
Put down that gadget and brisk walk, bike, or run for 150 minutes a week
Drink water instead of soda or coffee.
Get quality sleep.

7. Passing out gas: All too often, smack in the middle of a date or an important meeting, you feel your tummy rumble and the urge to pass out gas.

What you should do:
Avoid chewing gum.
Limit dry fruits, legumes, carrots, eggplants, onion, cabbage, and dairy products.
Refrain from taking laxatives.

8. Hemorrhoids: Having hemorrhoids is painful, affects the way you sit and walk, and if it bleeds, leaves a stain in your pants. Not to worry, hemorrhoids are generally manageable.

What you should do:
Increase fiber in your diet.
Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.
Exercise daily.
Avoid prolonged sitting.
Sit in warm water for 15 minutes up to three times a day.

9. Hiccups: Hiccups are sudden contractions of the diaphragm and can be quite funny, until they strike at the wrong time.

Hiccups can be triggered by:
hot or cold food
stress or excitement
expansion of the stomach from swallowing air whilst eating or drinking
acid reflux
fizzy drinks
In rare cases hiccups can last for a long time, so with cases that last longer than 48 hours, contact your doctor for further investigation.

How to stop it: Try these common hiccup remedies:
Hold your breath for several seconds and swallow when a hiccup is about to come.
Drink a glass of water from the wrong side of the glass.
Chew and swallow dry bread.
Swallow while holding your nose closed.

10. Stretch marks: Stretch marks occur when you gain or lose weight rapidly. The skin is pulled when there is rapid growth, and when it's overstretched the collagen and elastin (which gives skin the elasticity and strength) becomes thinner and can break. Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty for teenagers, but stretch marks associated with an adolescent growth spurt often disappear altogether. Many women get stretch marks during pregnancy that don't go away as easily.

What you should do:
- Avoid yo-yo dieting, and if you are dieting aim to lose weight slowly over time. Yo-yo dieting is the repeated loss and regain of body weight.
- Look after your skin by massaging it every day with moisturiser, or use a massage glove to help improve circulation and encourage new tissue growth.

11. Dandruff: Dandruff is just flakes of old skin cells that have shed in clumps as new cells form underneath. Everyone loses skin this way and for the most part it's not noticeable. But with dandruff the process is faster, so a greater number of cells are shed. People with dry skin tend to get it more frequently, but you can also get it if your skin produces too much oil.

What you should do: Unfortunately it's difficult to prevent dandruff completely, but some experts say it can be controlled by brushing your hair more often, using hair products that don't irritate your skin, and, no surprise here, by switching to an anti-dandruff or anti-fungal shampoo.
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