Watching too much TV can make men infertile

For many couples who are trying to achieve pregnancy, the solution might lie in watching less TV and spending more time, not necessarily on the bed, but in physical activities!

Researchers at the University Department of Growth and Reproduction, University of Copenhagen, have said that men who spend five or more hours watching TV daily risk 29 percent lower sperm concentration and 34 percent lower sperm count than men who don’t watch any TV.

What this translates into is that watching too much TV can lower your sperm count, which in turn can result in infertility!

The researchers, led by Dr. Lærke Priskorn, add that they are still researching whether sedentary lifestyle interferes with testicular function, semen quality and reproductive hormones.

They, however, assure that the low sperm count may make it more difficult to father a child.
“It’s possible that all the stillness increases the temperature in the scrotum, which can mess with sperm production,” Priskorn says.

“The lack of exercise could also be to blame,” Priskorn notes; adding that the antioxidant enzymes that are normally sparked by physical activity and which can help protect the developing sperm cells against damage will be absent once an individual embraces sedentary lifestyle.

The bottom line: If you’re trying to become a dad, reduce the number of hours you spend sitting down to watch TV — or any activity whatsoever that makes you sedentary.

And when you opt to watch those long TV episodes, make it a point of duty to stand up once in a while, walk around, stretch yourself before sitting down again.

Thirty-minute intervals may do.
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