Buhari's War on Corruption

President Muhammadu Buhari

It was once unthinkable to touch or prosecute the ‘‘big men’’ for corruption in Nigeria but President Buhari has ended impunity for corruption.

The Buhari administration has lived up to its expectations. The administration has made accountability the bedrock of governance and corruption is no longer fashionable because it attracts consequences.

In Nigeria’s history, it would be noted that Buhari's administration that was able to bring a SAN of the federal republic to book on the grounds of corrupt practices.

It would also go down in history that his military counterparts are not left out of his scrutiny. This feat is laudable in all ramifications.

But as with life, people must have opinions. Buhari’s feat is no different, he has been accused of witch-hunting a specific group of persons.

This gives a proof that it would be hard to please Nigerians, but the government can only try and fulfill their promises.

Remember the angelic funds found in an unsuspecting building in Ikoyi? The case that led to the establishment of the whistleblower's law by President Buhari. Till date, not one of the 190million Nigerians has laid claim to this funds.

Again I ask, how did Nigeria get here? How did we get this devilish and conceited? This is really disheartening. The forever pending case of former petroleum minister, Deziani Maduekwe makes it all worse.

The anti-graft agency discovered two mansions allegedly owned by former minister of Petroleum Resources. The agency has also traced about U.S.$1.5 billion, believed to be proceeds of crime, to a Swiss account as part of the ongoing probe of Diezani Alison-Madueke.

A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos ordered the interim forfeiture of 56 properties allegedly bought by former minister of petroleum resources Diezani Alison-Madueke between 2011 and 2013. The order came two tweets after the anti-graft agency said it had traced N47 billion and U.S.$487.5 million to the former minister.

This is a major loot, but for the king of all loot was that of Abacha. This just seemed like God was sending Nigeria from heaven, how else can anyone explain the repatriated $322,000,000 Abacha loot from Switzerland.

President Buhari obtained Nigerians’ mandate in 2015  based on his promise to fight corruption, ensure security and a growing economy – fighting corruption was both the most clearly articulated and the most effective in winning him the votes of Nigerians.

The EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu has said that between May 29,2015, to date there has been over 289 prosecutions against looters and the so called influential leaders have not been excluded.

We can jointly agree we have a long way to go but it’s better than sitting around waiting for freebies. This path has been revealing as well as rewarding.

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  1. I believe Buhari will win this war eventually. Nigeria will be great.

  2. Buhari will surely win this war.

  3. Buhari is really doing a great job with it.

  4. They say man's not hot but man's doing his duty excellently

  5. we dont need his help again oooo



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