Fayose’s exposes the presidency’s plan to kill him

One of the many good things any government can do is the freedom of the media. Journalist and media houses should be allowed to speak their truth regardless of who it favours or does not  Favour. This is one of the many blessings we enjoy in Nigeria

As they say, there are usually three sides to a story. Your side, their side and the truth.

The Fayose side of the story is not one that has gone without arguments or frowns at the very least. In fact, it has been a hard swallow. It is also a very nice way of shaming our sense of reasoning.

The campaign for Saturday ’s governorship elections in Ekiti State took a dramatic turn yesterday as security operatives who blocked the entrance to Government House, Ado-Ekiti, also fired tear-gas at the governor and his supporters.

Pictures have flooded the internet showing Fayose, a seating Governor, seated on the floor in tears. There are many angles to this, one would ordinarily think the pictures were from a movie audition. But with a closer look, you would realize it’s Fayose – the Attention seeking Governor.

His claims include, I was slapped, beaten, teargassed, manhandled. Governor Ayodele Fayose was said to have fainted and was rushed to Government House clinic where he was treated.

This story is one very obvious emotional propaganda, trouble actually started when the governor came to the entrance of Government House to ask why PDP members and supporters were being dispersed from the pavilion located at Fajuyi Park, where a rally was scheduled to hold.

“When the governor insisted that he should be told their reason for such an act, , he was asked to go back, but he said he demanded reason the police took the action. Almost immediately, a MOPOL commander fired a tear-gas canister at him and he fell and became unconscious,’’ according to eyewitnesses.

As perfect as the storytelling skills displayed, there is also a reason to question a lot of things. One of which is the character of the said Governor. Fayose is a Man of questionable character, a man in the group of Dino Melaye. Little wonder, both of them are in the same political party.

A man who is known for eye services and perfectly plays out his thuggish character. In his exact words, I plead with the international community to intervene; Nigeria is in trouble, Ekiti is in crisis. In the last few days, they have arrested PDP members, teachers, and civil servants. People of good conscience should come and save Ekiti.

The brightest form of sarcasm, you agree?

Where were his aides though, what was their action or reaction in the course of this happenings?

At what point did the said Policemen forget he is a seating Governor?

Was he truly shot at and did he sustain bruises?

He was slapped and he was wearing a neck brace?

There are several questions in the heart of Nigerians.
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  1. LOL. Fayose has never been alright one bit

  2. Somebody clap for the Actor of the Year in the Nigerian Political Awards...There have been guber elections in Nigeria under the Buhari admnistration and none of them has been as dramatic as this one. Buhari isn't the problem, Fayose is trying to set him up.

  3. Tamuno Egbemuno13 July 2018 at 09:52

    1. This man is A JOKER, its only in ekiti, that a broken hand will receive support from a broken neck.

    2. That is not even how to use a neck brace!!!

  4. Lol.. This Fayose is a clown



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