Pastor whips out lady's underwear instead of handkerchief while preaching

A church service had to end prematurely in Dundee after the preaching pastor whipped out a g-string from his suit jacket, The pastor was intending to take out his handkerchief so he could wipe sweat from his pocket.

Church congregants could not believe their eyes while the pastor proceeded to wipe the tears off his face  oblivious  to the fact that he was wiping his face with lacy black g-string. To make matters worse, the g-string was a small size while the pastor’s wife is a plus size woman.

One church member eventually gathered enough courage and whispered in the pastor’s ear, telling him of his grave mistake. Realizing his mistake, the pastor bolted through the back door of the church, leaving congregants shaking their  hands.

When LiveMonitor visited the church, the pastor’s wife said she had not seen her husband since that fateful day 2 weeks ago. “His phone is off and none of his relatives have seen him”, she said before adding that the inner garment was not hers. “I do not wear strings”, she proclaimed. She refused to divulge her next move in her marriage.

Narrating the ordeal, one of the church members said, “I think the pan_ty belongs to Mercy”. Mercy is one of the choir members and is rumored to have be having an affair with the pastor. When LiveMonitor contacted Mercy, she refused to comment and dropped the call.

The pastor’s wife refused to make a missing person report.

Source : Livemonitor (South Africa)
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